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Hi all, I a trying to build a scalable iot web app using particle photons, I want the app to display all of the particles with their data, can anyone recommend a web framework that would intergrate with google firebase(I have linked my photon’s to google cloud platform) as well as work well with this kind of application, im really keen on learning a new framework that works best with iot web applications. I have experience with c#, java. and javascript. Any recomendations of frameworks would be greatly appreciated

Be sure to check out Losant, its my personal fav.


Hi @JoshuaMunstermann -

There are quite a number of good web applications out there.

As @RWB said, Losant is good. Kaa is good as well. In addition to this, I find @Ubidots to be very user friendly and easy to get going. Pricing seems to be very good in compared to of some of these applications. Normally my goto for web applications :wink:

Best of luck!!

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Thank you, I have briefly looked at it and it is very powerful, further along the line this will definetly be a consideration(For a business license its quite costly). I really appreciate the reply.

Thank you for replying, I will look into both of those right away.

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They have a $100 per month plan.

@JoshuaMunstermann -

No problem, I a m sure any of these will meet your needs!

Ubidots also have a STEM license at no cost (functional for 3 devices), which is always good to test whether you would get what you need from the platform. Once established, you can subscribe to larger plans of course. Something I found very useful.



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I jumped to conclusions thinking that I wouldn’t be allowed to use that plan for business use

I’ve been working on a developer solution (you need to write code vs drag-n-drop):

It is still under heavy development and will not scale to 1000’s of devices yet, but works fine for a smaller # and provides basics such as user/group management, rules/SMS notifications, etc. I am currently using it for several projects where my customers sell hardware that users need remote access to via a web app. For graphs, I’m currently using this in parallel with Influxdb+Grafana.

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Hi, what javascript frameworks are you familiar with? Particle provides a Javascript SDK that you may want to use. And you may be able to use it in your current framework if you are using one.


@gusgonnet I came across Microsoft’s Blazor which allows the use of c# instead of JavaScript but you are able to call JavaScript code from C# which is a major bonus. I’m currently trying this out. To answer your question, I have used node.js(Which was amazing to use) before for a fun project, which you so happened to give advice on as to how I could gain control of my photon from the cloud by using the JavaScript SDK.

oh I remember about that now.

For web apps I usually read about the 3 main contenders being Angular, React and Vue.
They all have their own things, React being the most popular right now, Angular being a solid choice and Vue coming along very very well (from what I read).

I am using Angular for web applications (you can theme it with other great frameworks, like Material Design) and use it along with Ionic for mobile apps. For mobile apps you have also NativeScript for which I remember @bsatrom wrote a tutorial about.

Angular has very good libraries to talk to Firebase so there you are all set according to your first requirement.

Oh and there is a “new” player in the field called Flutter that seems to be “the next thing” to code apps for desktop, mobile and web, but I have not looked at it in depth yet.

Let me know if you have more questions,

NOTE: All this applies for you building your own web app and connecting it to Firebase.
If you wanted to use something already there, then advise in this thread for using Losant or Ubidots is very good, both are great choices (those are the ones I know).

Also, I’ve seen the cost of Firebase to host your web app and the DB is very low for small projects, either free or up to 50 cents per month.
It all depends on how many users you will have or how muc data you will store, of course.


Has anyone looked into Oracle JET?
They also offer a free tiered database. So you can literally upload data to their free tier DB and then read it back using a REST API using their JET framework which his open source.

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I am putting time aside to go though each of those suggestions and as a start I follow the tutorials on each of their documentation pages, in order to get a feel for each. I tried angular and didnt enjoy it, maybe thats because I didn’t give myself enough time to play around. I’m about to try Vue. I have used flutter before, I had so many issues with IDE’s and getting the demo application to run, I am going to give it another go aswell.

oh, sad to hear that. I would have expected that integration with VS Code was very good

Thank you for letting us know!

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My Losant quote…" if you can’t do it with Losant, it can’t be done…"

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re web frameworks, is also interesting if you want something that is much simpler and more reliable than the typical JS experience. I can confirm the “No runtime errors” claim – I’ve not spent any time in the JS console looking at crash stack traces with Elm. is a good place to start.

Elm looks good!

I also liked this statement from their site:

Use elm-ui to create UIs without CSS.

Thank you Cliff.