Web application template (web front end + particle/aws backend)?

Hi, I am using Particle platform to monitor the solar power application, it’s working pretty nicely. Now I am looking for suggestion about a web application framework (template) which can handle major features like user registration, solar usage chart plotting, Google map, Particle/AWS back end database query/update. The end goal of my project is similar to www.solaredge.com. Thanks!

I have a feeling @RWB would recommend giving Ubidots a try. Alternatively, he might persuade you on Microsoft powerBi. Worthy considerations, so do take a look :wink:

Are you planning on coding most of it yourself (server, front-end), or are you looking for a drag&drop, IFTTT~ish sort of integration?

yes, most likely I’d love to play by myself, at least the framework/architecture part, I used to play with Visual studio, C#/ASP/.Net, scripting(Perl/Java/PHP/Python), database solution etc. So I am expecting a template which has the basic framework(security, authentication, google chart, database interface…), so I don’t need to re-invent the wheel again.


Amen. I could really use a node.js (+ firebase?) web app template that create &claim device, create user account,authenticate etc.?

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