New Particle Project Template

Hi folks!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Particle project template!

  • The new application firmware template is meticulously designed to provide a clearer understanding of Particle-specific features and best practices, helping to jump-start your firmware development.
  • The updated README offers step-by-step instructions, simplifying everything from hardware configuration to debugging. It's a comprehensive resource for your setup needs.
  • We've also integrated CI/CD workflows for user applications, enforcing strict code testing to ensure quality and stability.

Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting, we believe this update will significantly enhance your Particle project experience. Try it out and share your thoughts! Our tech community is here to support you.


This is very good. I just created a new project and looked at the changes.
No more .ino files, system mode and thread settings are there by default, log handler...
Nice changes, well done!


While I am generally a fan of removing the .ino files and of the new changes/template, I wish there was the option for uses to select the new template vs remain on the "old" I use the Particle Ecosystem and Workbench to teach a set of courses at a community college. Changes in the middle of the semester, especially for students just learning coding and microcontrollers, causes unnecessary disruption.


ops, maybe you can instruct them to copy-paste the template you provide instead?

Thanks for sharing your inputs! If it was the .ino file, you could try deleting the .cpp file in the new template and have the users start with a .ino file, and it should work just fine.

@keerthy5 Yes, I do understand that. My feedback is more that I believe it would be helpful if users had the ability to have to opt-in to updates rather than have them pushed. Particle has been extremely supportive of my educational program, and educational programs in general, please take into consideration the affect that mid-semester changes have.


Thanks for doing this. I read thru the information referenced in this post and learned a few more things. Btw, I ran the template code and found this log error below. I commented it out added a new line with a change to compile and run:

// loop() runs over and over again, as quickly as it can execute.
void loop() {
  // The core of your code will likely live here.

  // Example: Publish event to cloud every 10 seconds. Uncomment the next 3 lines to try it!
  //"Sending Hello World to the cloud!");//error: 'Logging' was not declared in this scope"Sending Hello World to the cloud!");
  Particle.publish("Hello world!");
  delay( 10 * 1000 ); // milliseconds and blocking - see docs for more info!

@Rashap Thanks for bringing this up! We didn't intend to cause any issues for your class and will consider opt in options when possible in the future. In the mean time, if you are running into disruptions, please let us know how we can assist!

@robc Thanks for the feedback. I have scheduled the fix for the next release.

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I too am running into an issue with this update in my intro-programming class. Is there a way to get notified about upcoming changes to the toolchain? (Preferably by email before substantial breaking changes are introduced.)

A way to support not upgrading midsemester as Rashap requested would be nice.


@keerthy5 I want to echo the comments here. I've built my entire college class around the Particle ecosystem, and I've been grateful that Particle has been a really great partner. However, it is frustrating to have this change happen in the middle of the semester without any advanced warning, and no way to opt-in. I realize educators are likely a small market, but this creates disruption.

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Hi @rob7 @Phoenix, Thank you for the detailed feedback! We apologize that you are running into this problem. We will internally investigate better ways to communicate upcoming changes to ensure a smoother and disruption-free experience in the future.

An option to downgrade the CLI is available which will point the project creation to the older template. Please note that you'd want to be on CLI version 3.16.0, using npm install -g particle-cli@3.16.0

You can find more detailed instructions here - Using a specific Particle CLI version | Troubleshooting | Particle

CLI release notes - Release notes

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I appreciate your response.

In general, do you anticipate that all prior code and libraries will function the same way with this new template?

@rob7 That's correct. The core functionality related to libraries and application remains untouched.

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Replying just to say "same here." I was finally pleased with my class notes and resources that were dialed in to teach using the old template and now have to make a bunch of updates when students find they're unable to do things that used to work!

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The Getting Started Videos do not reflect this change either. As a new user, I found it very confusing. This video:

FYI @erik.fasnacht

Thanks, @gusgonnet for the tag.

Hey @kidNeutrino sorry for the confusion, the video was created prior to the template being updated, hence why the video still shows using the .ino file. If we update the video in the future, I'll make sure to use the new template.