Particle Web Interface (works on desktop & mobile)

Hi guys,

as Make Things Berlin where I will lead :spark: Core workshop was getting near I had to start working on my tutorial :wink: In last step when user was about to call cloud function I realised how much time would be needed for first setup (especially on Windows). Is it installing CLI or just curl…

So five hours later I want to share with you Particle Web Interface :slight_smile:

Here’s little demo:

Let me know what you think and feel free to tinker with the sources.


Open source yes no maybe? :smiley:

Ah I saw your code in the repo! Btw… what’s the platform I should use or any editor (visual) if I want to try tweaking stuff?

I’m totally not a web guy

Of course it’s open sourced! Only way to roll :sunglasses:

After downloading the repo, you just have to start any HTTP server with its contents. If you have Python, open Terminal, go to repo director, type python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000 and then go to :smile:

Then to tinker edit index.html and js/main.js in for example Atom (or any other text editor with HTML/JavaScript syntax highlighting).


Just wanted to share that this web interface got deserved refresh with features like showing device’s platform name and ability to call functions without parameters directly. Also theme is now flatier :wink:


COOL! Love IT :slight_smile:

The device formatting is not that pretty but still works well :smiley:

Yeah it wasn’t very responsive. I’ve added some fixes :slight_smile: