How to fetch data from particle photon web-ide?

I am pretty new to web application development. I am interested to learn about IoT and bought Particle Photon which has its own web-ide where I can easily code. Now, I can make the device flash from the web-ide and there is much more I can do with it.
I want to move to the next step and want to create my own simple web application so when I log in, I can redirect to the dashboard where I can click the button to make the lights flash. what would be the best approach for that? which language or framework should I learn to accomplish this? anyone has created something related to this or redirect me to those tutorials? I have no problem reading the documentation but I want to make sure I am on right track.

Thank you in advance.

This is a pretty good tutorial, even though it’s quite dated. Make sure tk check the documentation for the relevant Spark./Particle. calls, and update those accordingly.

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Thank you! Looking into it right now

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