[SOLVED] Send data from local web server to Particle Photon


I would like to ask how to send data from local web server, hosted on PC to particle photon.
My set up is like this.

  1. Both PC and photon are under same wifi network.
  2. I have done entering the number into the html text box… and making it attached to URL…
  3. The problem is that I don’t know how to send that number back to particle photo from local web server web page… I have no idea how to link.
    I have searched most topics regarding to POST,GET methods for half a day… no luck so far

Web page looks like this…

After entering set button, URL generally looks like this:


I would like to extract that number ‘5’ in photon sketch and use it in delay -->
int number = [extraction of number 5];
delay (number*1000);

Thank in advance.

This guide should have what you need, give it a try:


Hi @Moors7,
I had a look on that tutorial… however, the tutorial code is a bit complicated for my application.
I found your post on this helpful forum which met 80% of what I want to do.
I managed to tweak to get what I want based on your code.
Thank you very much. :smile:

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Glad I could be of assistance :smile: Though the linked tutorial is definitely easier, since that’s what I used to learn this in the first place :wink:

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I learned from the tutorial as well as from your code.
Since I was dealing with single button, your post was a perfect fit for my application. :grinning:
Perhaps, that tutorial will be helpful when I will deal with slider control.
Still have a lot to explore in this community. :smile:

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