Cloud platforms that use Particle cloud functions / variables?

I teach an introductory IoT class using Argon. I want student to communicate TO and FROM the cloud so students create dashboards with sensor data as well as execute remote actions (using Particle functions). Losant has been good for this because the free tier is good for students, it integrates with Particle, supports a dashboard, and supports Particle functions. However, the configuration process is lengthy and quite complicated for beginners.

I’m looking for a service that

  • has a free tier (or free for students)
  • can execute Cloud functions (presumably through GET requests) through buttons, etc.
  • is relatively easier to configure (or at least less involved than Losant)
  • as a bonus, has a dashboard

I have looked in the forums and found thread such as Cloud based IoT platform for < 50 devices (Losant, UbiDots, Azure, etc.). There were many great suggestions, but most either don’t support remote calls or are not free.

For cost and configuration, Initial State seems great and I might use it as a dashboard, but it doesn’t support execute remote device commands.

IFTTT does support executing remote commands, is free, and is easy to configure, but it has been buggy in class and I can’t figure out how to send parameters from “virtual buttons.”

I’d appreciate any suggestions or recommendations.

I’m in the same boat. I see a lot of ways to retrieve information to the cloud, but not a lot of ways to send it.

Hi @rob7 ,
I would go with Ubidots, I think they have free accounts (up to 3 devices), are easy to work with, and can call functions in the Particle Cloud (here, not exactly sure how easy is this today).
You mentioned it in your post but I do not know what challenges did you face.


hi Hans, what do you need to send to the cloud?
Might be wise to open another topic/question for that since is kinda off topic of the original question from @rob7 .

Thank you @gusgonnet. I hadn’t seen the free pricing tier listed on their site. I’m going to check it out!

yup, a bit hidden but here it is:

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