Particle webhook ubidots particle function

I have a E-Series connected to ubidots via a webhook. Data is sending fine. Now I was wondering if it is possible to inteface with the particle functions via the webhook. So instead of clicking on the functions in the particle console, i want to control particle functions in the ubidots world.



Yes, this is possible and a feature I use with several clients. Basically, you create a “widget” (button, switch, knob) on the Ubidots Dashboard, and tie it to a synthetic variable for the Ubidots device view you are looking to control. Then, you create an event on Ubidots that calls the Particle function as a Webhook. With this approach, you can create a dashboard on Ubidots that shows the Particle device data and allows you to control the device from that same page.

Here is a great how-to article from Ubidots.