Share Sensor Readings to different cloud services and collaborative platforms

I am working with IOT factory have temperature and humidity sensor which is sharing the readings on particle cloud (interfacing with particle electron) but Is it possible to send data of sensor from particle cloud to other cloud services and share the information to groups using collaborative platform ? If yes please suggest the best way to use it, To be very clear, I don’t have good knowledge about cloud services.

your info will be very helpful.

Yes, and there are multiple threads here and on hackster that show how it’s done for different services and since it’s a very personally choice what one considers “best” you should investigate some of the services and pick the on best for you (just to name a few (no particular order): Google, MS Azure, Firebase, Losant, Ubidots, Blynk, …).


As @ScruffR said, there are many, many different cloud platforms/dashboards available. Some use proprietary APIs, while others use MQTT or other standard services. I personally use the Particle cloud, Blynk, Ubidots, Freeboard and Thingsboard. It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, API support, cost (some are free, others are not), and your level of comfort. I also believe Sparkfun offers a dashboard and maybe even Adafruit.

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Alright I got you, but suppose if I start with blynk,

can you suggest me any documentation which help to communicate particle cloud (which shows sensor data) to both Blynk phone app and cloud ?

You can find documentation on blynk website:

They even have a example for Particle Photon:

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