Need tutorial for sending sensor data to cloud


I want to send data value (temperature, light strength, etc.) to any cloud server to share my data. One best and looking-easiest example is found from here: However, I am stuck in the “Adding your Photon to the relayr cloud and receiving data-publishing credentials (curl)” section because I don’t know where I can ‘open’ the curl.

I would really appreciate if you can provide any simple example to stream my sensor value to any cloud service. I will also appreciate if you can explain how I can ‘open’ the curl and input the command.


Check out the particle docs on webhooks. Librato is commonly used and has tutorials on using azure with particle. Sorry for lack of links, on my phone.

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You might want to check out Tinamous: Out of all the cloud services I’ve tried over the past few weeks this was the easiest and fastest to get up and running.

I am using Ubidots to plot my temp and humidity. Here is a great tut

Hi dyun33,

Have you added your design as prototype in the relayr dashboard? After that, if your Photon is properly publishing values, the prototype will show up there, as a widget (the design depends on the “meaning” you set for your sensor, i.e. temperature, humidity, etc.). With this widget you can either monitor your sensor, or embed it in a website, for instance. A script can be automatically generated, that you can simply copy and paste.

To add a prototype and get the credentials, in the dashboard, go to “devices” >> “my devices,” and on the lower right corner click on the “+” and then in “add prototype.” Follow the steps, name your device and on the last step, have a look at the sketch provided. Your credentials should appear there. You can use them directly in your sketch (in the Particle IDE). After that, go back to “my devices.” Your prototype should be listed there now. Once your device starts publishing data, here you will see the values on the widget.

Let me know if I can be of more help! (PM is also okay)