Does particle cloud support cloud computing?

I am working on a project that collecting sensor data then push it up to cloud.

To save processing power, is there a way that I can do computation on cloud instead of on Photon board?


Yes you can. Look up Spark.publish in the Guide and you’ll see examples of publishing data. has some examples of using Asure with Particle device published data as well.


The Particles can publish data - what you’ll do with that data and how is completely up to you and you could fill books with all the options.

You should investigate in the docs regarding webhooks, dashboard, IFTTT and you might also want to search the forum for Azure, Google Docs, and there are other third party options too.
Or you just set up your own backend.

2 Likes has MatLab built in to process your data.


Thanks @Awake. Matlab is exactly what I am looking for. However, a draw back with is their channel update rate is limited to 15 seconds.

My project take samples at 50Hz, process then update at least every second (1Hz).

Any other service have Matlab built in?

Thanks @ScruffR @LukeUSMC . I will look into these services. Should give me a good start.

I guess I can alway publish data direct from Particle to an app, then process the data on my apple application.

Do you have any example of how to Spark.publish push data to an iPhone app?

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