Experiance integrating Particle and Siemens Mindsphere

Hi - I’m looking for an easy way to visualize, conduct analytics, save, etc. the data I’m collecting through Particle. Siemens Mindsphere seems like a possible option. Has anyone attempted to integrate (e.g., Webhook) from Particle into Mindsphere? Or maybe there is another platform that can be used?


My goto is

These are few of the others that many people in this forum use



Thank you so much for the reply. Your suggested platforms all look like great options. Any particular reason you prefer ThingsBoard?

It seemed less complicated when first made a choice I liked that there was a free community edition so we could spin up any number of instances to learn how it worked. It is a node red style rules engine with JS scripting and rich metadata. Supports MQTT/CoAP for telemetry flow and allows RPC calls back to the device. Reasonable dashboard configuration and a choice of Postgres or Cassandra databases