Visualize data on your website is EASY with Wordpress


Hey there, thanks for the update, does elementor allow for sensor data to be collected and displayed?

I have lost a bit of ground waiting, I hope this is a good solution, I also have a garden management system I have been working on in December, but shelved it as I could did not have an interface.


I just want to give an update on the progress of the IOT Wordpress plugin. I broke through some challenging coding with the new Gutenberg editor. I now know enough to move my plugin over. Now that I have more knowledge, Elementor Pro won’t be used. The new Wordpress editor can do it all. I think you’re going to love it. I want to first add a data chart element. What would you like to see next. Please place your vote here. Do you want a clickable button? (Turn light On and Off). How about a slider? Or maybe it’s a gauge you need. Let me know. I’ll add the most requested first. I took on some new languages like ReactJS, JSX, Webpack, and Gutenberg API. I’m very excited to get this thing plugin started. The possibilities will make it easy to build dashboards you can share or keep private while protecting your Particle credentials.