Particle data to Wordpress, InfluxDB, Grafana, MySQL, Node Red, Juypter, Wiki, Electronic Lab Notebooks, Knowledge Systems, etc


Good afternoon,

I read with interest work underway to bring Particle sensor data up into Wordpress
Visualize data on your website is EASY with Wordpress

I’ve already done some testing of Proton feeding heating plant and electrical sensor data into Node Red, InfluxDB, MySQL and out to Grafana and embedded these graphics into Wordpress pages.

Just wondering if anyone else has taken this further…

Say engineering workbench and documentation of experiments and feeds into electronic notebooks and knowledge systems?

You could review time series data, make some observations, calculations and record your periodic findings and “what if” in these system for further research or discussions.

Say you had a Nest thermostat and you wanted to see if it was actually saving you any energy over a typical programmable 7 day thermostat. Or you had a solar PV system and you haven’t seen the utility reductions you expected.



Check out Losant, it’s my preferred platform for storing data and displaying it on Dashboards.


Thanks RWB,

I’ll give it a look. How is Losant priced, I don’t see anything on website?


By the way, here a few examples of what I have done to date testing Particle devices/sensors and various platforms.

Node Red

Node Red to InfluxDB to Grafana

Node Red to InfluxDB to Grafana to Wordpress