[Update 1/21] Intermittent SIM management issues

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My device is finally “breathing” cyan, but I’m still getting the error that the back end can’t process request. Please advise.



Hey Joe,

That’s unusual indeed. I’ll want to dig into this further. Could you provide me with the ICCID and email of your Particle account in either private messages or in a support request?


Hey everyone, a bit of an update on this situation.

We are still investigating intermittent activation issues, but during our investigations, we have also noticed that a recent bug may have manifested itself in the UI.

For users that seem to be experiencing a total shutout on the activation flow on setup.particle.io, it is possible that the setup flow is not properly handling the flow for users who do not have payment information on file.

Users who do not have info on file should be prompted to first add their information before continuing, but instead are receiving the same error message for those who are experiencing activation failure.

You can check to see if you have payment info on file by visiting the following page in your console at: https://console.particle.io/billing

Although the first three months of SIM management fees are waived, it is still possible to be charged if you exceed 3 MB in the first three months of waived usage. As such, this is why we require a card on file prior to setting up of Particle SIMs.

Should anyone have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

@leo3linbeck I believe this may be the case of your LTE MVNO activation failure.

@DavidB @ESharpAxe @AMarcelo if each of you could also double check this, this may be applicable to your circumstances as well. As each of yours is Electron/E Series – should it not activate after adding payment info (provided you do not have it) the first time, do give it a short delay and try again.


I’m very happy to report that entering my billing information into the link you provided allowed me to activate the SIM. My first attempt failed, but after about half an hour, my second attempt succeeded.


So it seems my issue was actually a billing issue. Though the first three months of service are included, a credit card is required to be on file to manage any data overages. The error notification could indicate something of the sort in the future. Thanks for your assistance!


Hey Ociffer,

Thanks for the update! In the midst of our telephony API issue, we also acknowledged a UI issue that was not properly notifying users of the fact they would need to provide payment information first.

So do note, while is intended, a bug in the UX flow was not properly notifying users of this. At this time however, it should be resolved and functioning as intended.


Obviously it’s been a few months since the issue was raised, but since I’ve finally had time to go back to tinkering with my Electron, I figured I’d give a quick update.

It looks like the necessary improvements have been made so that I have been asked for payment information as part of the activation process. My Electron is now activated and I’ve had a good go at the tutorial.

Many thanks to all who contributed. For me it’s now time to work out how to interface the Electron with my multi-cell BMS via I2C…