Boron LTE with old Electron SIM?

I’ve got Electrons and Photons so not a total newb.
I received my Boron LTE and having also done the pre-order on my Electrons, I didn’t realize that the SIM card wasn’t included. I thought I’d get a complete kit. One of my Electrons is currently not in use (but the SIM is active) so I was trying its SIM card in the Boron but regardless of what I try (no SIM vs Electron 3G SIM), all I get is the cyan “looking for cloud” blink. Setup with the iOS app pairs successfully with the device, it updated the FW, and now no matter what I try, it pairs, then when I tell it to use the mesh network or not use the mesh network, no matter the choice, the app gives me an error saying that bluetooth had a problem, then it tells me the device is in an invalid state and that’s the end of it. I’m fine ordering a SIM from the Particle store but there’s literally an item that is a “SIM card”, no specification of being 3G or LTE, so if the Borons can use the SIMs from the Electrons, I guess I wonder why this isn’t working. And if not and I order a SIM, how am I specifying I get the right thing. I’m also wondering if maybe I have to disassociate the SIM from the old Electron before it’ll work in the Boron?

Thanks for any advice.

The Boron has an eSim chip on it so it should work without needing to add a physical sim to it.

Not sure what the other issues might be.

Well that explains that! Thanks

I took the Electron SIM out of the device and was able to use the mode button to kick it into Listen mode (flashing green). I let it sit like that for a long time. I then retried the setup and for whatever reason, it was happy and the iOS app got me to the subscription screen. So thank again for telling me I could yank that sim out :slight_smile:

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Are you sure this is correct? My understanding is that the Boron has a SIM slot like the Electron. AFAIK only the E-Series modules have an eSIM right now.

The Boron has both a M2FF embedded SIM (like the E series) and a nano SIM card slot (like the Electron).

The default is embedded SIM, and you can switch to the external SIM card slot from firmware commands.


Thanks for the clarification, I hadn’t realized this to be the case. Exciting!