Temporary Activation Problem - Particle LTE SIMs

I recently have access to two Particle Electron LTEs that were released from a different account. I was trying to activate them, but the SIM activation has not been successful. I was able to see them in the list of SIM cards as “Updating” but nothing has happened yet. It was more than 7 days for one of the LTEs and it still says “Updating”.

Any help is appreciated!


Hi there - can you send your device IDs in a DM to @Colleen?

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7 days is not normal, please DM me your device IDs and I will take a look to see what s going on

@Colleen Hello,

Yes, that’s what I thought too.
Here are the two device ids:

device 1: I have the serial number: EDITED (will this work?). I have been trying this for over a week
device 2: EDITED (I tried this just today)


Thanks, I’ll take a look!

Thanks. I will look forward to hearing from you.

Hello @Colleen , I was wondering if there has been any progress in this issue. Please let me know. Thanks!

Good morning @Colleen, I was wondering if you have any update. Would you please let me know. Thanks!

Hello @Colleen, I just logged in and checked. It looks like the SIMs are active. I will doublecheck and reach out if there is anything else. Thanks for your help!

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Sorry for the delay @akalyanapu! Please reach out if you encounter any further issues.

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