Electron Setup and Sim Account

I was excited to receive my Electron about a month ago and went through the setup as described. The sim card activated but the electron could not connect. I contacted tech support and they were fantastic. The feedback was that my electron had missed the final programming stage and still had test firmware. I flashed the latest firmware with CLI and this seemed to fix the firmware problem but could still not connect. I flashed a debug version of Tinker and emailed the output. The final consensus was that the modem was not able to power up and this was a hardware issue which would require the replacement of the Electron. I have inquired a number of times about a replacement but no response. I am ready to give up on this Electron and order another but the store does not have any cellular antennas yet and what happens about the sim card and account that is now activated

Thanks for your patience and thanks for the kind words - and sorry for the inconvenience!

One of my fellow Elites has pinged Particle support about this, but since it’s weekend a reply might not come immeditately, but if a “Particelite” happens to be online I`m sure (s)he’ll come back to you.

Stay tuned :+1:


We will be following up on your emails today.
Thanks for your patience!

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Any update on following up? I’ve not been able to register the SIM for my kickerstarter electron since I received it.

same here. hoping it’s just teething issues

just replied to your email!

thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks. Turns out the issue is related to blocking the js.maxmind.com domain. I was able to register after allowing this domain on my network.

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Can you please let us know how?

If you are using an adblocker, disable it.

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Unfortunately, another month has gone past and no news about the replacement Electron

Hey @mtoko I’m terribly sorry that you haven’t heard back yet. I just inquired internally and will get back to you within the next few hours.

Hi @will Any news on the replacement Electron? I ordered another electron from the store when they became available and this arrived in a few days and worked fine straight out the box, so at least I have something to work with

Hi @will after sending the post above, there was a knock at the door and the postman handed me my replacement electron!!!


Thanks will and all the tech support guys for help with the faulty electron

Glad to hear it! Please let me know if you run into any issues.