Electron stuck in Listening

Evening all,

I’ve been working with particle for a few weeks with little trouble. However. I unboxed a new electron this morning and have had trouble getting it set up. For some reason, the electron is caught in Listening mode and I can’t get it out. I’ve tried flashing it with my current firmware and the tinker app with no success.

I’ve got the electron registered as a device on my console and have run through the device doctor multiple times. What other actions can I take to help fix the problem?

Thanks in advance

You didn’t mention wheter or not you activated and inserted the SIM.
Have you?

I’ve inserted it but I’m not sure if I’ve activated it. How can I check that?

If you set up the Electron via setup.particle.io you should have been prompted to enter the ICCID of the SIM and subsequently lead you through the activation process.
When activated, you should see the SIM at

But double check whether the SIM has really good contact.
Also remove the Electron from USB, in case your computer’s USB settings force 28800 baud which pushes the device into Listening Mode.


That’s probably it. I just checked the sim cards menu and there’s only one entry where there should be two. I’ll go through the process and update in a few. Thanks.

Update: Yep, you were right. Device is breathing cyan and responds to ping requests. Thanks for the help!