Electron locked in listening mode


I recently received an electron 3G kit, with a particle electron sim card. I have first seen that i need to setup the card. So i went to https://setup.particle.io/ and followed the steps. Once the sim card in the electron, I used the battery and the usb cable. The led turned white, then it blinked green, then cyan, and finally blue.
Now, when I start the card with the sim, the led breathe white, then it breathe blue and finally it blink blue.

This is what I see from the console :

The SIM card is activated, but it seems invisible

I have another M2M sim card available, but it is not a particle one. Maybe I can use it ?

Thanks for reading ! Any help is greatly appreciated.

Was this blue or cyan?
Try taking out and reinserting the SIM.

It’s blue.

I did it, but the result is the same. First white, blue and finally it blinks blue.