Electron breathing white, then breathing blue and then flashing blue

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I have an Electron that’s been in the field for a year or so running 0.7.0. It went offline last night at 1AM and I found it breathing white. I reset it and it goes through a long period of breathing white, then breathing blue and then flashing blue. I’ve tried particle doctor, but with no success. It is on a Particle SIM and has been for months. Thoughts/suggestions?


Also, when I do a particle identify, it does not show a IMEI or ICCID – just the device ID.


Have you taken the SIM out and put it back in?
Could it be some bad contact on the SIM holder?


I currently have a unit in the same state as @ctmorrison. I am currently using a E-Series LTE (R410M) and have tried numerous troubleshooting methods. The software that was running on this specific device is currently running on ~50 other E-Series devices. I have tried flashing other code including tinker with no luck. I have also tried running particle doctor and also no luck. As @ScruffR mentioned for a possible solution will only be for external SIM. Could the internal E-SIM be damaged or corrupted?


I’m also curious to get an answer on this, as I’ve recently had two brand new 3G Electron’s fail in the field this way. I have yet to get them back, but my field technician did quite a bit of work to clean the SIM, make sure contacts were OK, etc.

Does breathing dark blue then flashing dark blue have any other meaning than SIM card issue?


—I typed this a long time ago, but never submitted it. Doing that now simply to close the issue from my perspective.

Removed the SIM a couple times, wiped it off and re-inserted with no luck. I put in another SIM with no change. The radio must have gone bad, I’m assuming. Another device for the bone pile – actually, there have been very few, considering


Found this issue, but I’m not sure it has a clear resolution… If I’m reading this correctly flashing blue means sim is bad or modem is bad. Seems like these could be different flash patterns?