Electron blinks green followed by 2 dimming blue

My electron board is doing

start with twice of breathing white
one dimming blue
blinking green for about 30 seconds
then 2 dimming blue
repeat again.

This happens after activating 3rd party SIM card with successful connection with cloud console.
Then I tried to download a firmware using cli particle flash --usb firmware.bin
I noticed the OS version is too low 0.5.x and tried to update it by flashing with different version of firmware however the board never get to working.
I tried

  • reactivating the SIM card
  • reflash with new tinker
  • remove SIM card and re setup
  • particle keys doctor
    So far no success. What can I do to solve this issue?
    Please help.


On the Electron your code must set the APN and keep alive each time starting up.
See here

@ScruffR Thank you for the comment.
I added that piece of codes but not working.
I also downgraded to 1.0.0 but not successful.
Now the board blinks cyan very rapidly upon power up with either battery or usb.

The first thing I would do is try the Particle SIM in it.

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