Electron blinks only blue


I already succeeded in connecting the electron the the cloud. now i flashed an example via usb on the board and now when i try to start it begins to blink white and than it just blinks blue. It seems like it always goes to listing mode. Any idea?

Can you try taking the SIM out and put it back in?

Which example have you flashed?
Are you using the Particle SIM?

i was using a 3rd party sim. strangly i took out the particle sim and used the 3rd party sim. It worked.
After that i think i found the problem. i had to readjust the pins from the sim card holder.
To proof my theory: If no sim card is installed will the electron just blink blue?

@perotom, yes if there is not SIM present, the Electron will be in listening mode aka blinking blue.

@kennethlimcp thanks very much now i know it for sure. the sim card holder pins were bad.

Is it working now? Or we can make arrangements to have it rectified :slight_smile:

@kennethlimcp it is working perfectly

To clarify, this is only true for AUTOMATIC mode AFAIK.

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