Trouble with Electron, 3 different SIM cards, blinking green

Hi all,

I´ve been using Electron for the last 14 months with good results, all in all around 15 electrons in use now, so this is not a beginner problem… :slight_smile:

I have a device that constantly blinks green (no connection to cloud)… I haven´t experienced that before. I´ve tried two different SIM cards from 3rd party company (both working with other electrons) and also the SIM card that comes with the electron…

This is a 2G electron (SARA-G350).

You can follow this instruction and get some logs from the electron:

I would see excessive blinking green sometimes when the battery was low and couldn’t supply the current needed to connect. A battery with more charge would connect much quicker.

Something to check.

Hi Kenneth,

I flashed the new firmware you pointed to, this is the log from my electron at startup. Do you have an email that I can send the txt file with the log ?

“Copy and paste the log output over the course of the first 6 minutes or so. This is usually enough information to understand what is happening on your Electron. Please put this in a TXT file and attach it to an email reply or Community PM to a Particle employee.”

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