Undead Library?

I have an old version of a library is dead enough to not have any files, but dead enough that I cannot delete it. This is on the web IDE.

I published a library under version 0.9.1, then fixed a bug and published 0.9.2. Right now it’s myself and friend testing things. He was still seeing 0.9.1 in his view, so I had him remove it from all his apps, and I deleted 0.9.1 so only 0.9.2 would remain. However, it still appears on his end and most of time on my end. When I try to import it from github, it complains that 0.9.2 already exists.

When we see version 0.9.1, under files it says “Loading…”, even after an hour. When I click the information icon, under versions it says “Loading…”, again even after waiting an hour. When I click Delete Library, nothing happens. When I click Refresh Libraries, nothing happens. I’ve tried clearing the cache in the IDE settings, clearing the browser cache, logging out and back in again, and switching browsers.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

I had a similar thing and had to ping @suda to remove it for me.

But for that he’d need the name of the library (or Build link) and the GitHub link too.

I’m glad I’m not the only one.

The name of the library is ReclaimerLabs_Thermocouple. Here’s the GitHub link.

Everything seems fine now. I’m not sure if it went away on its own, or if the staff removed it, but I haven’t seen the zombie library for the last 24 hours.

I can still see v0.9.2, but it has got a usage count of 0, so you should be able to remove it - if you still wish.

V0.9.2 has the bug fix so I want to keep that one. V0.9.1 was the one I was trying to get rid off, and now it’s gone. Thanks for the help.

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