Private library names have changed, add library is missing, and cannot remove included Library in web IDE

Just created a new app in web IDE and went to include a private library. I added it just fine but noticed the names have changed and the Library name does not match the files which generates an error upon compile.
Library name was OB_LED_Flasher_IV, new name is OB_LED_Flasher_IV_300c
Compile error:

 #include <OB_LED_Flasher_IV_300c.h>```
Also - due to info pop-up over the delete button on library, I cannot delete/remove the library from the app because it covers the x-circle.               
        <img src="//" width="517" height="394">

I tried clearing cache (Mozilla) and also different browser (Chrome) with same result.

Further - I can no longer find the add library button to try and re-import it.
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I’m having the same issue - the tool tip is blocking the remove icon

I also can’t add the libraries back in, they appear in the left menu as ‘included’ but none of the file tabs show up.

Honestly - the rubbish library management, rework and pain is almost about to kill our work with the Particle platform - every time we go to do a rebuild the libraries sh*t themselves.

@Cameron, perhaps @rickkas7 can provide assistance.

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Hey folks – sorry we let this bug languish for so long. We should be deploying a fix for this problem in the next week or so. @stefanmoraru will update this thread when it’s deployed.


That is - and always was - the case with imported libraries. They never showed up as seperate file tabs.
And as asked in your other - parallel - post: What system version are you targeting?

Reporting misbehaviour is OK, but adding important info to nail down the cause would also be good.

BTW, the better AssetTracke library is this one

Electron version 0.6.1

It gets worse again tonight…

Now my libraries are showing up twice or more, last night I only had one for each… sigh

How did you import the libraries?
You should not have any file tabs really if you imported the libraries via the lib feature (bookmark icon).

I fixed removing libraries, that shouldn’t be a problem anymore


Much better! - Thank you :slight_smile:

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