Library issues indicator in Build IDE

Hi all! We wanted to share with you a new improvement to Build IDE we just deployed.

When viewing a library you can see a set of badges below its name:

It will show if library examples have successfully build on each platform. This should help in detecting if compile issue is in your code or simply the library isn’t compatible with your platform.

We hope you find this feature useful in your work!


Nice! As a library developer, do you have to do something, like build for each platform using the Web IDE if you want to get all of the checkmarks right away, or is it some sort of automatic build validation process that happens when you submit a library?

We don’t have an automated way for library creators yet (next version of libraries will have test command and will work with CI), but you could script it by going over all examples and compiling them against each platform.

Why are my libraries that were tested on all boards (when 0.4.8 was most recent) now marked like this?

It’s not when it fails to work correctly!

I guess the reason is that the samples also depend on other libraries to be imported but Particle has not yet provided any means to state these dependencies for automatic import of required third party libraries.


Indeed it looks like a false negative caused by dependencies. We don’t have a good fix for this edge case (new version of libraries will) but I marked latest version as passing manually. We’ll need to do it again after any updates.

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Yup, this is a feature that does give wrong negatives a lot.
For my other libraries it does this (although tested or device independent anyway)

I’ve also noticed that the samples sometimes build and sometimes don’t, which seems to be an issue with the wiring preprocessor somtimes tripping sometimes not.