How often does the Particle IDE rescan uploaded libraries?

I submitted a change request to the author of a library I’m using, and they recently approved the change on GitHub. They updated the .json version number as well, so I’m assuming the Particle IDE should be able to see there is a new version available and go get it. It’s been 2 days, and still no update on the IDE.

How long can I expect to wait? I hate to be impatient, but I’m relying on this library for testing later this week.

Not sure about the scanning, but if you really need it, why not import it manually? Just click the little ‘+’ icon, and copy in the code. I know it’s not as slick, but it definitely works.
Alternatively, there’s Particle Dev in which you can manage libraries locally.

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@ashiundar, the Particle IDE does NOT scan for changes in repos. It is up to the author to update the IDE library by “adding” the library and then doing a “publish” on it.

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I see. Thanks for the help!