Updating library in Dev

If I’ve added a library to a Dev project, what’s the process of getting any newer version of the library? Do I need to remove it and then re-add it? How am I informed the library has been updated?

There is no process for that. Also as long your project works with the “old” version there is little need to update. Sometimes updates may even break your existing code. That’s why you can state a desired version in the dependencies entries in the project.properties file.

If you really added the library you can edit the project.properties file and change the version number in the respective dependencies entry.
If you actually copied the library you can just copy it again - optionally you can delete the library from your project’s lib directory before hand to make sure no outdated files stay behind.

However, Particle Dev is not supported anymore and Particle Workbench would be the better choice now.

@ScruffR, thanks for the feedback. When I referred to Dev, I was under the impression that it in turn referred to the Visual Studio Code tool. My mistake. Also, I usually to a Particle Install Library when I’m in that environment, thinking that was required.

I see. With Workbench you should do both above things (update/remove the dependencies entry and remove and reinstall the new version).
The dependencies entry will be used for cloud building and the local copy for local building.