Ability to update user-contributed libraries was dropped? OPCN2 Library

It appears that in the past few days, my ability to reimport a library I wrote seems to have been dropped, making it very difficult to push new changes…

Is this documented anywhere? Are any Particle Web IDE changes documented somewhere? How can I re-import the library now?

The library in question is OPCN2 and the GitHub page is here. The Web IDE is showing v0.2.3, and the updated version is 0.3.0.

Hey @hagandh, thanks for posting. What happens when you do try to re-import your library? Are you met with errors or does it fail silently?

There is no longer an option to re-import!

Interesting. I’m looking into this. I have the ‘reimport’ button on my own library but you are correct, your’s is missing. Just to double check can you PM me with your Particle Build login?

Aha! Believe I’ve seen this myself. I think the reimport button goes away once you’ve made a library public. Just go through the import flow again and it’ll replace (and initially re-privatize) your library.

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Okay. Do I need to delete the previous library? How are updates supposed to be done? Is there a way to setup a webhook to master of the GitHub repo that would just check for the release version and update if newer?

Nope, no need to delete the previous library. Don’t currently have the capability to auto-update libs from github, but the current work on fully API-izing the libraries will likely make that possible.

For updating a library, the steps are just the same as when you first added it. Increment version in spark.json, import, and then make public.