'particle library upload' out of sync with latest upload in webIDE

Just started playing with new library and found that if I ‘particle publish upload’ and then upload some edits to the library, the webIDE does not pick up subsequent uploads.Projects in webIDE compile with the initial upload.

Now, if I then use ParticleDev to “view source” this private lib… it shows the updated version… AND then webIDE compiles with the updated version… but still displays the original upload for the library.


You need to remove the lib from the project and reimport, since the project gets a dependency to a specific version to ensure a working project will not be affected by breaking changes of libraries beyond your control.

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Hi, yes that combination was likely what allowed it to compile in webIDE. However, when I go back to the libraries list and view the private library files … they show the original files and none of the updates.

Do updates need unique version numbers? Docs imply that I can “upload the same private version several times until [I’m] happy with it”.

Reloading the browser does show the latest updates now… guess it takes a while to pick up changes.

You can upload the same private version number multiple times, but with each import in Web IDE a copy of the current set is stored in the remote project folder.
This is not the case for Dev or CLI.

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I cannot edit the added or included library in my new apps in version 2.0. It was very easy and comfortable with previous version. If you could share your knowledge. :smile:

What library are you using?
AFAIK for the Web IDE side of things there hasn’t really been any change.
You could not edit the library before and you can’t now.
If you wanted to edit the lib you needed and still need to copy paste the lib files into your own project.

One of the things that’s easier with 2.0 libs is that you can easily upload a private version of an existing lib just from your HDD without the need to create a GitHub account.
If a contributed lib has a GitHub link, you can just download the repo to your drive, edit as needed, nodge up the version number and execute

particle library upload

from the local “root” directory of your private lib.

But not all public 2.0 libs have a GitHub repo linked anymore since that requirement has been removed. I, for instance, have migrated my libs but haven’t updated my repos to 2.0 yet.

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