Particle dev update

Hi all,
The new library functionality looks great. I have dev V1.7.3 installed. Do I need to uninstall and download afresh to get the new functionality or is there a way to update my current version?


On windows at least, it updates itself and then asks to restart. You can make it do this from the Help Menu, or if you have automatic updates turned on then in Help->About you may even see a status telling you it is downloading the update.

If you manually download the new version from the website if doesn’t(or didn’t) include an installer, I wasn’t about to beggar about working out how to apply it that way.

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I am running it on Windows, what version has yours updated to?

Do you get an obvious change - like a library button on the left hand side - like the web IDE?


1.7.4 and yes the most obvious change apart from the displayed version number is the toolbar down the lefthand side, several of the more pointless/annoying buttons have gone and we have 2 pertaining to libraries in their place.


Thanks for your answer @Viscacha,

If I go in Particle Dev to file, settings, then updates, it tells me that all of my installed packages are up to date?

I am sure I have not had this issue before.

If I force it to look again for updates it does not pick anything up.

Then comes the usual IT solution. Turn it off and back on again! (careers have been made on that)

Post re-start - no joy.

Looks like I will have to uninstall and start again.


How odd, mine updated itself the same day they announced new libraries.


Uninstalled - reinstalled - SORTED 1.7.4 inc lib :smile: