Remove/destroy published library

So trying to convert a library, naming conventions was hard to do right. Now I have a library I’ve published and want to remove it? Is that possible via CLI or Desktop IDE?

Unfortunately this is still a missing feature.
You may need to contact Particle staff to do that.

Let’s ping @KyleG to relay your wish to the right person.

Hah, join the club, I have a library I only created/modded due to a tracking error. I could swear it was only ever a private one but when v2 happened it started showing listed for everyone else.

@KyleG can you pass on the message? I don’t recall this being the designed behavior and we need some confirmation that this is not happening.

Yes I will let my team know. Thanks for the ping!

If you renamed a library or moved the development to another one we recommend publishing a new version with #error directive and updated description to let users know that library has been deprecated.

In general we prefer not to delete published libraries unless there are legal reasons for doing so (trademark or copyright infringements for example). If that’s the situation, please create a support ticket.

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