Trouble Updating an existing library

I published the library “spark-strip” a while back at version 1.0, updated it to 1.1, and am now trying to update to 1.2.

I published the new version on GitHub (and updated the version in the spark.json file), and am now trying to import to the web build UI.

That appears to work, but the validate step appears to break things and never validate, but not error is listed.

I’m not sure how to proceed, or even how to give a better error report other than taking screen shots.

@DonGar, I can’t see why it would not import. Did you make sure to specify the github path correctly - just your github name and the library path (in your case, DonGar/spark-strip)?

Yes, I’m using DonGar/spark-strip.

The process is:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the Library Button bottom left corner.
  3. It shows “spark-strip” as a library I contributed at 1.1.0.
  4. Click “Contribute Library”, enter “Dongar/spark-strip”
  5. It now lists both spark-strip 1.1.0 (public), and spark-strip (no version).
    The unversioned entry has a flag with a pop up
    "Unimported. Finish Validation to Use".
  6. I click “Validate”. The UI processes for a second, then.
  7. The unversioned spark-strip entry on the left hand side is replaced with whitespace, but the flag saying “Unimported. Finish Validation to Use” is still there.
  8. DELETE LIBRARY returns me back to the initial state.

I’ve still had no luck.

I’m getting tempted to rename the library, and create particle-lib just so I can publish it. I have a number of my own projects that need the updated version with bug fixes.