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Hi everyone,

I am trying to import “pika” library which is already existed on github into but I am not having luck with that.

Could you please help me??

If you post the github link and/or tell us what exactly the problem is that is not covered here, we might be able to help

I went into contribute library. It asks me the user_name/repo_name. my user name is raginigupta6 and the link of the repo I am trying to use is so I put raginigupta6/ and I clicked add repository.

This is the error message I got:
Library is not valid, please fix the errors below and resubmit.

Metadata Validations
spark.json file is missing
Files and Directories
main header file () was not found
main source file () was not found
examples/ folder was not found
license file does not exist
Documentation file was not found

Thank you :smile: I appreciate ur help :smile:

Have you tried fixing those errors? They’re there for a reason…

It needs to be a repository on github that belongs to you (or forked) before you can do that.

BTW, I’d not expect this library to work since this is a python library but Particle Build libraries want to be C/C++

So I’d say this will not work at all.

Ohhh! that’s not good new at all.

Anyways, thank you all.

Hi sir,
I found a c implementation for the amqp protocol, it is alanxz/SimpleAmqpClient on github. Unofortunately, I am stil having troubles with importing it into It says for me, “Github clone URL is invalid”.

Your help is very much appreciated.

Have you cloned it to your own repo and made sure all the files were in order as spec’d by Particle?


Could someone please explain how we can import/contribute libraries from github to libraries. Coz i tried it and it doesn’t work for me.

your help is very much appreciated.

@MazinAliKarar, did you look at this?


If you provide a link to your repo we could maybe give some hints about the reasons why it doesn’t validate (if you can’t find the answerin the linked docs ;-))

Thank you sir

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