Library Support and Compiling in Web IDE

Dear Particle Team,

I just ran into an issue on the web compiler (and I apologize for creating another topic on this - please merge if necessary). Code was compiling fine on the web IDE, and then suddenly 3 projects just stopped compiling due to “No such file or directory” library errors despite the fact that I didn’t make any changes. Now I’m stopped dead in the middle of a project which I was hoping to get done in the next couple days.

Now I’m being forced to look into po-util, CLI compiling, and making all the necessary changes to my code to compile locally. The web IDE has continually gotten worse and worse to use. And for people like me who aren’t code and toolchain gurus, or masters of the command line, this is a real limitation in the workflow for devices/services which are advertised to work in this way. And its especially problematic knowing that code that worked fine is suddenly no longer working.

The web IDE is just a complete mess. I’ve put up with the organization limitations, inaccurate status indicators for devices, error dump inaccuracies, etc… but when code doesn’t compile properly when its supposed to, its a major problem. These things just make me question whether Particle is really a viable solution for long term use. What looked to be a fairly dependable solution has slowly become more problematic over time. Perhaps this is only my experience.

Before I dive into local compiling, can someone please tell me if these options work without much fuss? I’m at a point now where I need to decide if its worth learning these items, or put my efforts in a different platform altogether. Is there any fix in the near future?

Would love to hear others’ experiences, or suggestions on moving forward. I apologize for the harsh words, but the web platform has become incredibly frustrating lately.

Thank you.

Ping @rickkas7

I guess this may have been suggested in the other thread:
Have you changed the target version?

With 0.5.2 and following the library format v1 was deprecated and replaced with v2. Hence v1 libraries can’t be used in 0.5.2+ applications and v2 libs can’t be used with versions pre 0.5.2.

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