Web IDE won't compile project

I am trying to compile a code and I keep getting an error for Onewire.h. I have added it to my code via the IDE. I have no clue what I am missing.


The spark-dallas-temperature library is not properly ported to Libs 2.0
You could try a previous version of the lib which might still work.

Thank you for your reply. I figured it had something to do with the new IDE. My older versions of the same code still compile even with the new IDE. Ill start doing some digging to see what I can figure out

Thank you

@ScruffR I was able to click on the spark dallas temperature library in the “Included Libraries” section of the IDE. I was then able to click on the “more info” button where I was given a choice of different versions of the library. I simply clicked on 0.0.4 and added that to my project. The project then compiled correctly. Now on to see if it works!

Thanks for the help

I have opened an issue about this

Great. Thanks again! :grin:

I have already notified on this fact in the thread Particle Libraries v2.0 in particle-cli 1.19.1 drawbacks within others. It would be worth to make an issue in the particle-cli GitHub project. Some of them have been solved, but this one hasn’t yet.

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That issue is not confined to Particle CLI so the more general cloud repo may be the more appropriate one (or alternatively the particle-library-manager)

And I have already created issues on both of them.

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@ScruffR I have an earlier version of my code that compiles with the legacy libraries. I then have my latest version that does not compile with Spark Dallas Temperature 0.0.5 and I had to use 0.0.4 to compile. I am wondering how I can find out what version of each of the included Legacy Libraries I used in my initial sketch?

I can see the versions here

But not here

Thanks in advance

This is something I have already complained about too.
Previously there was the option to peek the used libraries but I got told that was removed deliberately but I didn’t get told the reason behind that “deliberation” :wink:

LOL, that sucks! I am having an issue with a DS18b20 and since I originally had an issue with the Spark Dallas library, I wanted to compare versions to see if I can track down an issue in that regards.

Hmmm. back to the drawing board,

Thanks for your time

I have recently taken over ownership of the DS18B20 lib.
What kind of problem do you have with it?
How many sensors do you have on the one bus?
What do you think is the advantage of the Spark-Dallas-Temperaure library over the DS18B20 one?

What I have noticed is that I have one probe that intermittently shuts off (-196). I have not found a rhyme or reason to it. I should also tell you that in the past, I had a DSB1820 malfunction and become very warm, so I have included in my code a provision to shut off the probe if a threshold temperature is reached. I have used that successfully on a similar project running on an Arduino Mega 2560 R3 for roughly 2 years now. Anyway, partially based on that, I do not believe that is the issue. I only have two sensors and they are both on their own bus, ONE_WIRE_BUS D1 and ONE_WIRE_BUS D2
I am not sophisticated enough to answer your last question, LOL. I just started using the Spark library and that’s really it!

I’m using the DS18B20 library and have explicitly tweaked the lib for single drop scenarios (only one sensor on the bus) and hence my dud:good readings ratio has dropped considerably, I’d suggest you’ll move over to that lib (if it doesn’t really make any difference to you).
If you find an issue with that lib, please report it and I’ll try to fix it - other libraries don’t seem to be looked after by their contributors anymore.

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Ill give it a try. Thank you very much