Compiler times-out

Both small and large files won’t compile. It keeps saying the server is taking too long. what-to-do?? what-to-do???

You could try po.

It lets you compile firmware locally easily.

You can install it with:

$ bash <(curl -sL

Hi @harley could you please give us some more info so we can look into your issue?

Are you using the Web IDE, Particle CLI or Particle Dev? Which version?

What device are you targeting?

What system firmware are you compiling with?

I rebooted and the problem went away


Hi Nate, I just want to point out here behavior that could be better. While I appreciate your work on po, your post is purely promotional without actually responding to the OP’s needs or trying to help :particle: serve its community. Brett’s post below is much more helpful both to Particle and to Harley. Can you read here in the flow of messages how yours is out of place?

In the future, please focus on answering the poster’s question directly, rather than pitching po — which totally may be an appropriate solution sometimes, but if so you have to ask the poster more questions and explain what about their problem po specifically addresses. As it is, you’re mostly just pasting that exact same pitch message all over the forum. Please be more considerate. Thank you.


I try to not be too promotional. I actively maintain po to serve the Particle community and I have several dedicated users.

I often focus on answering questions directly and I always look into someone’s Particle history to see if it is appropriate to recommend po to them. In Harley’s history, there are many references to Mac. (For example, I make sure the user has a Mac or Linux background because nothing is worse than recommending something they can’t use.)

In this specific issue (which disappeared as quickly as it appeared) I guess I defaulted to po because it is my primary method for developing on Particle devices. It may not be an “official” Particle tool, but it is a very reliable tool.

Also, why didn’t you PM me with this observation of yours? :thinking:

I’m not being passive agressive and nobody on the forum should need to be.

Thanks for the response. I’m glad to hear you look into people’s history before posting. In the future, say so in the post. Essentially you should never post what you did above without some additional info. Your post as-is has zero context from the current thread.

I care about you and want to help you learn and flourish. In this case, I know you’ve heard this feedback before privately, and still you keep posting in a way that doesn’t show you’ve heard the feedback. I’m hoping the respectful public post might help you see the situation from another perspective.