How to remove a library after GIT repository has been deleted


it is about library conrad_rsl_switch.

I have removed the related repository from GITHUB.

But it is still listed in the published libraries of Particle Build.

By accident my Particle Build was using a different account during creation of the library. Hence, it is not listed as “my library” any more.

Who can do the job to remove the library ?


Ping @Dave (which happened with this post already :wink: )

Hey All,

Thanks for the ping, I’ll forward this to the relevant authorities :slight_smile:


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Hi @carsten you should log in to Build as the user which was used when importing library. The repo doesn’t need to exist for library to be unpublished.

Hi @Dave, I have a private library I would like deleted. How can this be done?

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Hi @dancingpearl,

I will ask! :slight_smile:


Deleting libraries is not available yet. Can you please send the name of your library through and we’ll delete it for you.

Great. Thank you!