Unable to create new mesh network

When attempting to create a new mesh network via https://console.particle.io/networks, I eventually end up at the page that says “See you back here in a bit! Come back here after you have completed device setup using the Particle mobile app”. I have successfully completed the device setup for my Boron (it’s listed in https://console.particle.io/devices) but the “Next” button on that page is still greyed out with the statement “Waiting for you to set up at least 1 device before continuing” listed under it.

I’m just trying to get a “Hello World” mesh network setup with a single Xenon and a Boron, does this require me to create a mesh network via the /networks interface? If so, any theories on why this page is not detecting my Boron device?

I have no Boron yet, but when I setup my mesh with an Argon I did that via the mobile app.

You first setup the gateway device and choose to have it as part of a mesh network.
After that you should be asked whether you want to add another device (i.e. your Xenon) to that newly created network.
When you opt for that, you should be led through the process and finally end up with a new mesh network in your console.


@NathanPrayzo – maybe you’re having the same problem that I did? My Boron hiccuped when trying to connect to cellular, which resulted in my aborting the Boron setup in the mobile app. When the cloud finally connected, my Boron was “breathing cyan” (connected to the particle cloud), but no mesh.

In order to get back into the setup, I had to hold down the mode button on the boron for 3 seconds, as suggested by @ScruffR. This put the Boron back into listening mode. I then started over setting up the boron from the mobile app (I hit the “+” on the main mobile app screen which lists all of the devices.) I then repeated scanning the Boron’s bar-code thing with the iPhone camera. The mobile app said it was activating my sim, but it did that super-fast the second time and I ultimately ended up on the mobile app screens for setting up the mesh network.

I ultimately was able to complete the mesh setup on the Boron, then the mesh setup on the Xenon and now both are connected to the particle cloud.


@JeffInCO - That appears to have been the issue. Your suggested solution of putting the device back into listening mode and re-registering it fixed the problem. Thank you!

I am stuck on the “see you back here” page described above. I am unable to unclaim my boron on the console. It says “Bummer there was a problem unclaiming your device.” When I press the mode button for three seconds it starts blinking fast green. When I try to install it I get “Unable to find your mesh device” Make sure your device is blinking blue (which it is not) and it’s not connected to any other devices"

There was initially a problem with a weak cellular signal… now it’s in my window and has an ok signal. I’d like to start over (without hammering any essential firmware). Not a lot of documentation out there. Please help!

@scraphound, do you mean the Boron is already claimed?

If that is the case, there is no need to unclaim it.

Can you simply power it up and see if it connects to the cloud? If it doesn’t, what is the observed behavior?

My Boron setup crashed due to a weak cellular signal and I encountered this issue. The Boron was added to my list of claimed devices, but the Mesh network was not created. I recovered by unclaiming the device on the web… it wouldn’t let me do it at first… it was throwing an error… but the next morning I was able to unclaim. After unclaiming I attempted starting the process over. Initially it couldn’t see my Boron. Pressing the button on the right (with the tail hanging down) for three seconds put it in the proper mode fixed this problem. After that, everything worked out fine.

I have seen the Bummer message about unclaiming several times recently. I finally realized that refreshing my browser allows me to do the unclaiming. (Logging out/back in also works.)