Mesh Network questions

I set up a Boron this morning and added a Xenon to create a mesh network. After a few errors and some back and forth, I was able to complete the set up. However, when I went back to the “See you in a bit” screen, I noticed that it only showed 1 device (small print at bottom of browser). So, thinking that it had not updated to reflect the addition of the Xenon, I refreshed the page. Note to self, do not do that because there is no way to get back to that point? What was supposed to happen if I had clicked the “NEXT” button? I tried Google, docs, community and am not able to locate an answer.

One other thing I noticed. I have created a network with 2 mesh devices. When viewing the devices in the IDE they show up as individual devices. My thinking was that I had just created a parent child relationship with them. Wouldn’t it make more sense to show that hierarchy in the IDE if they are on the same network or what am I missing?

Thank you

There’s something to be said about that, but personally I don’t think it’s necessary. As far as the end-nodes are concerned, they’re stand-alone devices. Rather than connecting to your Wifi-router, they connect to a Mesh gateway (eventually). Unless you’d bundle your other Particle devices by which network they’re connected to, I don’t yet see a reason why Mesh should be.
Just my 2 cents. Feel free to prove me wrong though :wink:

Thanks for your reply.

Well, yes they are…until I add them to a specific network which in this case is a specific Boron. The Xenon cannot join another network unless it is provisioned with the credentials for that network/gateway.

I guess that was the point. They are bundled by the very nature of being in the same mesh network. It just seemed to me it would be a lot easier way of keeping track of things in the IDE if they in fact showed up in the parent child relationship instead of apparently how they will appear, as stand alone devices. That may get confusing down the road when you may have many Xenons, all a part of different mesh networks.

Thank you again for your reply:+1:

You do get to see that relationship in the console, when you select the networks tab on the left side of the page, if you so desire.

The organization is the same with regards to a product, which could be seen as roughly analogous to the mesh network, as far as its being a group of related devices.


Nor can any other device unless you give it the proper credentials. Your phone, laptop, and Photons can’t just switch Wifi networks either without having the proper credentials.

I have a bunch of Photons on different Wifi networks, yet don’t bundle those, since they’re independent. Though device might be Meshed, that doesn’t mean they have to ave anything in common other than a shared connection to the outside world. They can have different tasks, and merely use the gateway to connect to the internet. To me, that sounds no different that anything you’d connect though a wifi router.

I get where you’re coming from, and I’m certainly not dismissing it, just looking for concrete ‘proof’ that I can relay on to the lovely folks at Particle.


Sure, understood. That will help if you are working in the console. But you will still be hunting around between screens.

Yes, obviously. Which is why it adds more weight to my point. They are part of only one network and cannot change without user interaction. They also enjoy a parent child relationship that also cannot change. Once they are added to a network, they are no longer stand alone devices, they now operate inside a larger group of devices.

Understood. I am just looking for an easier way to group them in the IDE as I prototype. I can name every individual device whatever I want but as soon as they become part of a network, they all share the same network name. It sure seems a lot easier to find things if they are grouped together, IMHO.

Just as all of my particle devices only show up in my account. I don’t have to search through everyone else’s to find mine.

Thank you both

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