Particle Mesh - Xenon only setup

Hi guys, last week I received my delivery of a Particle Mesh Xenon and I have been trying to get it setup and working.

At the minute I only have a single Xenon (waiting for my Argons and other Xenons) but was hoping to play with it and try out developing software for it; however I’ve gotten stuck in the setup stages.

In the Particle app (Android) when trying to setup the Xenon I can pair with it but get stuck searching for a Mesh network, I’ve seen screenshots from the Spectra workshop that shows the option to create a new Mesh network however my app does not present that option. I’ve left it for a substantial amount of time to see whether or not it continues automatically if no Mesh is detected but sadly it just continued to search.

I was wondering if anyone else has played around with setting up a standalone Xenon? Or is it not currently possible to setup a standalone Xenon and work with it currently and am I just best to wait until the Argons arrive?

Are you in the USA? How was your order shipped? USPS, UPS, FedEx?

Did you receive a shipping email before receiving it?

Just curious as I’m also waiting on MESH hardware.

You need an Argon or Boron or an Ethernet Adapter board to turn the Xenon into a gateway. Your going to need 2 devices minimum to create a Mesh network.


It’s not possible at this time to create a network without a gateway. Thus you’ll need at least one Argon, Boron, or Ethernet shield to set up a mesh network.

It’s possible for the devices to communicate over the mesh directly (using Mesh.publish and Mesh.subscribe or direct UDP) without going to the cloud, but you still need the gateway to set up the network.

@RWB I’m not in the US, it was not actually me who received the order, two of my co-workers ordered a Xenon only while I ordered a larger order of Argons and Xenons.

My co-workers did receive shipping information about it just before they received it.

@rickkas7 and @RWB thanks for the info, I’ll wait until the Argon arrives then to play around with it!

I have one question however, is there any plans for the future to support working with Xenons in a standalone fashion? Such as using them as Bluetooth devices only, e.g. they can be part of a mesh or they can be setup to be used with a Bluetooth app?

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Using the Xenon as a standalone BLE device would be excellent. I do hope this option is in development? Does anyone know if it is?