Xenon cannot setup: Select mesh network to join

I’m trying to set up my brand new Xenon device, and I’m stuck in the iPhone app where it says “Select mesh network to join.” I’m guessing there are no Mesh networks in my area. Is that correct? What are the mesh network specifications?

I also bought Argon and Boron devices. Is it possible to setup the Argon as a WiFi-Mesh bridge, and then connect my Xenon to that Mesh network?

@particle.io, setup your Argon or Boron first as they will act as a gateway. During their setup (you can only have a single gateway for now), you will be asked to join/create a mesh network. After you are done with the gateway, THEN you can setup your Xenon and join the network you created previously.

BTW, you cannot setup a Xenon without a gateway currently.


As an added note, you CAN setup a Xenon as a gateway if you make use of the Particle Ethernet Featherwing and mount your Xenon on it.


Thanks Matthew. I did some forum research before I posted this, and saw about the Ethernet featherwing. After I posted, I read that I can use an Argon as a gateway. I also bought an Argon, so I set that up, added the Xenon and I’m running fine. Thanks again for the response.

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