Can't join mesh network

Hi everyone,

I’m following the instructions to add a Xenon to a mesh network currently composed of one Argon. When I arrive at the insert password step, the “join network” button does nothing.

Can you help me?


@vault you may want to have a look at the Mesh deprecation statement:

@peekay123 thanks, I’m aware of that. But I have an existing mesh network (July 2020), an Argon, and a Xenon running 1.5.2 firmwares and I want to use them…

You can no longer add a Xenon to an existing mesh network using the mobile apps. You should still be able to add a Xenon to an existing mesh network using the Particle CLI at the moment, see “Xenon (mesh node) Setup” in this document:

hi @rickkas7, thanks for the link. Unfortunately that guide also doesn’t work.

I have a successfully working argon with configured mesh:

Now I connect the xenon and do:

$ particle update

> Your device is ready for a system update.
> This process should take about 30 seconds. Here it goes!

! System firmware update successfully completed!

> Your device should now restart automatically.
$ particle flash --usb tinker

Flash success!
$ particle mesh add {XENON_ID} Argon
? Enter the network password [hidden]
Not allowed

and here I stop…