Unable to connect with spark app

Hi just bought a new l3dled cube but can t get the spark app to work and unable to connect via usb .please help thanks

@rolf, there are two apps - Spark and Particle. The Spark app will only work with the older Core while the Particle App will work with all Particle devices BUT you MUST use the Spark app if you want to configure the wifi on a Core.

So, which device are you using? When you say “unable to connect via USB”, what exactly did you try?

I managed to connect yesterday but today it cant find the core under
spark. anybody help me please
sorry I thought I needed to use the spark app to add my core then use particle for my photon.I wont bother going thru all the usb connection. If I got it connectefd by app I should be able to again,.I hace a3Dled cube

So, according to their website:

The brain and WiFi connection center of the Cubes is a Spark Particle Photon

That means you shouldn’t try to use the Spark Core app, but rather the Particle app. The setup process is different and they need to be treated as such. Give that a try, and let us know if that works for you.

Also, try not to create new topics for things you’re already being helped with on another topic…

Sorry about the new topic. I am abitof a newbie so please forgive me go thru the setup and end up with setup failed at claiming your particle device blue led blinking which they says I have given them the wrong wifi credentials

It also takes about ten attempts to even get that far

So, you’ve got the Photon. When you plug it in, it goes into blinking blue mode? Then you use the Particle app to configure the credentials, at which it fails during the last step and shows you what exactly? During that process, what colors does the LED make? And in what color (pattern) does it end?
Alternatively, you could give this webpage a try to configure the Photon. It should work from both your computer as well as your phone, provided they have WiFi capabilities.

is flahes blue but only slowly if I press the join wifi button it then flahes blue fast for a few seconds before going back to the slow blinking

Flashing slowly is listening mode, which is what you need. When you hold the button and it flashed blue quickly, you’ve just erased the credentials, and will have to enter them again.
Is there any chance you could take a picture, or even a video of it? That should enlighten some things. Alternatively, is it possible for you to take out the Photon and connect it with a USB cable, nothing else attached?

and now I cant even login to the particle app

I have taken the photon out it is now flashung cyan

with a occasional red then yellow. I cant now find the photon network on particle

its two red then a green then back to cyan blinking

There’s no way you could make a video? I’m assuming the keys got corrupted due to all this erasing/connecting/resetting. If that’s so, you’re going to need the CLI. I’d recommend you to install that regardless, since it can be helpful in many scenarios.

sorry I cant see how making a video would help. can I put mu photon back in the box now

Well, for one, it help us in determining what color patterns are happening. There are quite a few variations possible, and describing them in text has lead to issue before. “a picture speaks a thousand words” is most certainly applicable here. Also, it would give us an idea of what controller you’re using (I’m still uncertain about Core VS. Photon), as well as how it looks like in the Cube.
A video won’t help you. But it might help us help you, and that’s what you’re after, aren’t you?

Well, if the Photon doesn’t work out of the box, it probably won’t work in the box either. If it’s indeed a key corruption (which is very hard to tell without seeing it, hence the video request…), you’ll need to hook it up over USB and execute some command in the CLI.

ok thanks I will try setting up CLI and perhaps take a video tomorrow in the mean time thanks for your help so far

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might it be worthwhile me buying another photon wireless development board

@rolf, you can never have enough Photons IMO :yum:

However, learning to install and use the CLI and DEV tools is a really good thing. The CLI coupled with DFU-UTIL allows you to do and fix so many things that are so important in development like subscribing to and publishing events, compiling local code using cloud servers, etc. Even as an Elite having received Photon prior to their full release, I have yet to have a Photon not be able to get “fixed” by using CLI. :wink:

I cannot install cli

That’s as descriptive as saying “it doesn’t work”. The only reasonable guidance I can give you with that information is: “try again, or follow the docs / guide”. You can even try the installer if you’re on windows.

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