Unable to connect to argon

i am not able to connect to Argon, I bought it a few months back at that time it was working fine.
now when I try to reclaim it with a new id it is not working It shows "Sending Bluetooth messages failed. Please try again"

Hi @harish!

If you are claiming your device from a new account, you must be sure that the device is removed from the previous account. You can follow the instructions on this guide to transfer your device to a new account. For removing your device you will need to use the particle CLI, the particle console, or the particle IDE. After that, you should claim your device normally into your new account.

Please let me know if the guide helps you to solve the issue.

i don't know my old id, is there any other way to transfer argon to my current id?

For security reasons, access to the original account is required for device transfer. If you don't remember the password of your account but you have access to the email with which it was created, you can recover it here

i do not remember from which account I used it.
but still, I have gone through that link and sent password reset for all the accounts and still non of them received any link for further steps.
is there any other way?

Unfortunately, there is no way to remove a device without access to the account that holds the device. Please check your spam folder in your mail. Sometimes the reset password is sent there.

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