My Argon Device not connecting to cloud

Argon is Breathing Cyan but in Console it not Showing the device. In particle app, it just shows Connecting to cloud through wifi. how to Fix it

I think there is some confusion in terms.
When the device is not showing up in your console, then that’s not and indication that it’s not connected to the cloud. These are two isolated topics.

My devices don’t show up in your console but are positively connected to the cloud :wink:

The way I’d interpret your symptom description I’d think the actual problem is that you couldn’t successfully claim the device to your account.
You can do that via multiple alternative ways.

Probably the easiest would be via Web IDE.
But if you have CLI installed (which is always a good idea) you can use that too.
You just need to have your device breathing cyan (which you already have) and know your device’s ID. Armed with that you can claim the device.


Web IDE:

but its not showing any device in console are in CLI

And If i try to add the device in other Account am not able to Connect to other account

Why would you add the device to another and not your own account? :confused:

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