Unable to Claim Particle Argon

My particle ARGON device is flashing cyan color, but, I am unable to claim device using android app or particle CLI. I am getting the following error messages:

C:\Users\usufw>particle identify

Your device id is ******
Your system firmware version is 1.2.1

C:\Users\usufw>particle device add ******
Claiming device ******
Failed to claim device: Device is not connected

I have updated the firmware and my router also shows that the ARGON device is connected.

I was able to resolve the issue by connecting the ARGON to another WiFi network. I still do not know what caused the problem, but, this issue is resolved for now.

Flashing cyan indicates the device has no connection to the Particle cloud (but to the WiFi network), hence it's understandable that it cannot be claimed.
Possible causes for that might be blocked UDP ports.

Are there any other colours visibile inbetween the blinking cyan?