Argon - stuck in rapid blinking cyan

I teach an IoT course using the Particle Argon’s. Several of my students are having the same issue. After flashing code, the Argon goes to blinking Green, then blinking Cyan, but never moves on to Breathing Cyan. We find that if we unplug from the USB port and replug in, then it goes through the sequence correctly to connect to the Particle Cloud.

I have had them follow the directions in: Device Blinking Cyan – Particle Support.

Basically we are doing this to update the keys:

  • put your device in Listening Mode (blinking blue) - hold Mode button for 3 seconds
  • run particle identify (note device ID)
  • put device in DFU Mode
  • run particle keys doctor <insert your device id>
  • put device back in DFU Mode
  • run particle keys server
  • tab the reset button once

This has not fixed the issue.

(Also, is there a way, if I send the device ID to someone at Particle that they can look at the Cloud log to see why the connections are always working?)

Yup @Rashap - just submit a support ticket at and I’ll look into the cloud log. Send over your device id. If possible, flash tinker to the device using the particle update and particle flash --usb tinker devices in the CLI before doing so.

@marekparticle Marek - thank you. I have submitted a ticket

ticket ID is 104248

Thanks! We’ll take a look as soon as we can.

@marekparticle I got a note yesterday Ismael Sotelo at 12:28 (Mountain) saying he did not understand my ticket. I replied telling him that you and I conversed on the Community board and sent him a link. I have not heard back from anyone. Is more information needed.

@ismaelSB and I touched base; he’ll be in touch as soon as he can!

Thank you. I appreciate the assistance.

Brian Rashap
Internet of Things Educator
CNM Ingenuity