Particle Cloud Partial Outage: Devices currently taking multiple attempts to connect

You can ignore or pay attention to this. I’ve had customer reports of issues with rapid cyan blinking but no connection. I’ve just seen this with one of my devices as I tried to use it. It connected after 5 minutes.

Rapid cyan for 20 seconds, one single red flash (similar to a keys issue), cycle. It connected after 5 minutes.

Houston, you have an issue.

Mark says everything is ok, but I was starting to suspect the same.

A short while before you posted, I moved a xenon into another room and it started blinking rapid cyan when powered on again. I went back to find another one which had not been interrupted in the same state. I reset both, plus the argon (which was pingable and breathing cyan). Now the argon is in blinking cyan, the two xenons are blinking green.

Another argon on another mesh is breathing cyan fine. I powered up the xenon that belongs on that mesh (test mesh of 2 nodes) and it also blinks green.

As a general question, is there a cloud and connectivity troubleshooting guide? I tend to use the LED status sheets in the docs and poke reset buttons until things are happy. Are there any other debugging steps people can follow or verbose output if I stick a serial cable (or the debugger) onto a device?

Yeah, all my Borons have gone off line. I suspect a Particle issue.

I’ve come back into the room to find everything breathing cyan happily again.

After seeing a desk in rapid blinking green and cyan, it does look very relaxing and peaceful when it gently breaths cyan!

Are you still seeing issues, or do they seem to be back up & running again.

If still problematic, it would help to know what kinds of devices, the DeviceOS (where applicable), and a general location. Any specific symptoms, and a general overview of what they’re supposed to do wouldn’t hurt either. Are they sleepy, continuously on, etc…


Monitoring - From 2-4AM PST, 5/7, there was an intermittent service degradation affecting a subset of Particle devices. Affected devices were unable to connect to the Particle Cloud during periods of this incident, exhibiting “blinking blue” behavior during these interruptions. The partial outage has been resolved, with affected devices making full recoveries. Our team is continuing to monitor the situation.


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